Patient Management System

Today, healthcare organizations whatever the size may be facing a critical problem to manage and integrate clinical and operational information. MyHospital offers a complete, modular patient information system that is flexible, affordable and time-saving.Now a day's healthcare organizations whatever the size may be facing a critical problem to manage and integrate clinical, financial and operational information. MyHospital information about hospital management offers a complete, modular hospital information system that is flexible, affordable and intuitive.

Our patient data management system is developed in collaboration with clinicians, specialists, information technologists. A solution developed by keeping the very important point in the mind with the idea of minimizing the costs, time, and resources required to run the healthcare organization.

MyHospital delivers a web-based, modular, scalable and tightly integrated system that is built around the core functions supporting hospital administration and patient management. This integrated and adaptable approach gives you the elasticity to add on other, supported clinical and supplementary solutions that enable you to build a system to meet your entire healthcare information and budgetary necessities. It likewise gives the capacity to accomplish pre requisites for an electronic health record, medical prescription, and a great deal more.



Integrated Patient Management Systems Encourage Better Care Conveyance

We through Patient management help your organization with the seamless movement of data between dissimilar systems and business units so that the venture at both the levels can provide better care and satisfaction to patients, caretakers, and the attendants.

Upgrade Operational Efficiencies

The hospital management system helps in assimilating and streamlining your hospital workflow, to build patient volumes without expanding staff numbers.

Improve Costs Control

With more perfection of revealing of business information, hospital KPI's can be examined to distance from duplications, lessen process durations and expand the throughput of the hospital supply chain. The system prompts to enhancements in cost control.

Redefine the Quality of Care and Patient Experience

As an administration framework with the assistance of MyHospital system, it helps the authorities to create far-reaching health care policies by providing deeper insight of activities. Likewise, helps in settling on better choice towards patients and hospital management.

Organize and Improve Every Moment of Care

We designed our Patient Management System to keep providers productive and focused on patients. Before the patient enters the exam room, our hospital management system surfaces the most relevant data to help the provider make decisions. The intake process is optimized to ensure the provider isn't overwhelmed by data entry work. The patient-centered clinical narrative is easy to enter and easy to read.

Thanks to knowledge gained from our patrons, we're uniquely able to guide you to improve performance. Providers are coached based on KPIs and benchmarking from across the network to improve use, efficiency, and ROI. During the examination, providers entering a particular diagnosis are able to see suggested orders for that diagnosis, based on the experience of the network.

A System Proved Not to Slow Physicians Down

Health systems can often experience a productivity lag with a new Electronic Health Records, but not with MyHospital. Providers on our network see the same number of patient visits, experiencing no drop-in efficiency.

That's because our workflow is designed to keep providers focused on patient care, while still meeting quality measures as easily as possible. Our Clinical Intelligence team stays on top of industry change, keeping quality program measures outside the exam room workflow so physicians can deliver care efficiently and without interruption.

Proven Implementation, No Start-Up Costs

Our onboarding methodology and Electronic Health Records implementation plan are all about partnership. This isn’t some standard software dump or server installation it's a proven process designed to get large health systems and hospitals moving as swiftly as possible, both during and after the implementation. We have expert teams dedicated to nothing but this.

MyHospital handles the project management and Electronic Health Records implementation plan for you, continually tracking real-time progress via our “Nerve Center” headquarters, and guaranteeing network uptime (as we always do) from our comprehensive Network Operations Center. All focused on ensuring the smoothest, most effective transition possible. And we do this without the charges you’ll see with standard vendors

With MyHospital, you will have:

    • No hefty start-up costs
    • Zero licensing fees
    • No servers to install