Immerse - 3D Virtual Lab

Virtual Reality application that enables interactive learning environment for students to learn fundamentals of Science in more efficient way and promotes conceptual based learning. For instance, imagine an immersive experience into the solar system with various details like diameter, speed, temperature, and environment can be virtually visualized similar to reality. Creating such an engaging experience aids the participant to learn and memorize the subject matter with ease. Our application not only helps to understand but experience the fundamental concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and the universe in an immersive way.


  • 3-D interactive platform
  • Experiment can be performed numerous number of times
  • Gesture recognition enhancing involvement of students
  • Perform all the possible variants of a given experiments
  • Easy to access (smart phone and VR glasses) or web interface


  • Schools
  • Pre-University Colleges
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Training Institutes